Privacy Policy

Al Mal Capital Privacy Policy


Al Mal Capital acknowledges your rights to the privacy of any personal information you may provide to Al Mal Capital while performing your transactions through Internet Tadawul. Al Mal Capital is committed to providing a high level of security and privacy for any information involving the use of our Internet Tadawul services. Al Mal Capital guarantees any transaction conducted through its Internet Tadawuland any personal or financial information exchanged by such means are processed in a HTTPS (secure) encrypted method which complies with industry security standards.

Exchange & Storage of Customer Information


In order to protect your personal and financial information Al Mal Capital requires you to register to the service and specify your preferred User ID and Password. The registration process requires 3 factor authentication acquiring your Customer Number ( CIC ), Portfolio Number and National ID/Iqama number. Similarly in order to login to our Internet Tadawul you need to specify your user name and password. Any personal information collected by Al Mal Capital is used solely for the purposes of providing you with Tadawulservices.

Transfer of Information

Al Mal Capital maintains the confidentiality and integrity of the information it holds for you and the exchange of the information is performed in a secure manner. Your personal and financial information is not shared with any third party, except where, the information is required in order to meet your instructions. When such disclosure is required by, or allowed by, law, governmental or regulatory bodies due to fraud investigation or audit. Or when you yourself request or permit disclosure of such information in written.

Information Access by Al Mal Capital employees

Al Mal Capital employees access to your personal and financial information is limited and is only provided to those employees who can provide you with the services that you require.

Al Mal Capital continues to review, develop and protect all our resources with the best security and controls available and known to the banking industry. No Al Mal Capital employee will ever ask you for your internet Tadawuluser ID and password, nor should you ever provide it to anyone in any context or for any reason. Al Mal Capital do not ever want you to disclose your user ID or password number to any employee from Al Mal Capital or any individual.


Al Mal Capital strives to maintain best security standards to prevent any unauthorized access to your confidential information. Security measures used include intrusion detecting/prevention systems, virus detecting systems, data encryption, and firewalls.

Al Mal Capital takes all necessary steps to protect customer's personal information, including accounts, transactions, user names and passwords during the information exchange between you and Al Mal Capital.

User Name and Password

Access to your Internet Tadawul is protected with user name and password which are known only to you. Your password must be used only by you when you access your accounts, and when you request that transactions be executed on your behalf. You must safeguard your user name and password. In case the your Portfolio No., National ID/Iqama, and User name and Password for Internet Tadawul is compromised you must take the necessary steps to change them or notify Al Mal Capital immediately to protect yourself from any financial loss. You may contact Al Mal Capital by calling its call center or by visiting the nearest Investment Center.

Access to Information

Access to Internet Tadawul allows you complete access to all Investment Accounts, Portfolios, Mobile alerts and various other important personal and financial information.

How to identify a secure access

While using our Internet Tadawul you will see a pad lock sign appearing in your browser and HTTPS appearing in the beginning of the address bar (URL) which means you are connected to a secure website. If you do not see the above mentioned marks appearing in your browser you must not provide any confidential personal or financial information to that website and report the matter to Al Mal Capital for further assistance.

Delegating the authority to use Al Mal Capital

Al Mal Capital is entitled to act on any instruction in terms of a transaction or inquiry it receives using your User name and password. If you share your user ID, Password, Portfolio no. and CIC no, and National ID/Iqama no. with another person you are authorizing that person to use our Internet Tadawul services. In such a case you will bear full responsibility for all transactions performed using your user name and password, even if you did not intend or authorize the nominee to act as you.

Secure Transactions

Some of the transactions in Internet Tadawul require the use of One Time Password which is an additional security measure implemented to safe guard high risk transactions. This security measure requires you to provide your mobile number when opening your portfolio and you can update through Customer Service as Al Mal Capital sends a transactional password to your mobile via SMS. You are required to provide your mobile number with care and never insert the mobile number of any other individual or mobile which is not or does not remain in your possession.

Inactive Sessions

Our Internet Tadawul will automatically log you out after a certain specified period if you are inactive while logged in to the service. This is to reduce the risk of someone else accessing your account if you leave your computer unattended. Al Mal Capital however strongly recommends that you use the logout function of the site as soon as you finish your Internet Tadawul session and close the browser for maximum safety.

Cautions & Protection Measures

Protecting Personal Information

Never share your Portfolio no., and CIC no. with anyone or note it down on any paper, PC, mobile phone or any other storage device which could be lost or compromised. It is recommended that you remember your National ID/Iqama and other important information and never write it anywhere specially on the back of your ATM Card or in your wallet.

Password Protection measures

Never share your internet Tadawul user ID and password with anyone and never save it or note it down on a paper or PC. Al Mal Capital advises all customers to remember their user names and passwords and change them periodically.

Operating system, browser and software updates

Keep up to date with software fixes (also known as 'patches' or 'security updates'). Using a current browser will maximize your security. Al Mal Capital also advises you to use licensed software and update it periodically as and when required.

Anti-virus protection

Ensure that your computer has an up-to-date anti-virus protection program to detect and remove viruses. Also consider SPAM email filtering. Al Mal Capital is not responsible for any virus or other malicious code that you may encounter using internet. Al Mal Capital encourages you to routinely scan your computer, e-mails and storage using industry recommended and recognized virus protection products.

Anti-spy ware protection

Use a current anti-spy ware protection program to detect and remove spy ware from your computer.


Use a firewall to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your computer or network.

Keeping an eye

Al Mal Capital advises all customers to check their previous login status appearing on the welcome page. This allows you to identify if there was an attempt to login to your account from a fraudster.

Be Extra Careful

Al Mal Capital does not recommend usage of public place Internet facilities due to greater chance of your sensitive information being compromised. However, if you do, Al Mal Capital suggests that whenever you are accessing Internet Tadawul from a public or shared computer such as those at Internet cafes, libraries, airports, hotels, etc. please adhere to the following precautions;

1. Ensure no one standing behind you is looking over your shoulder while accessing our site.

2. Logout of the site as soon as you finish your Internet Tadawul session.

3. Close the browser by clicking on the 'X' icon, usually located at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

4. Verify that the last logon time corresponds with your last Internet Tadawul session when you next logon to the site.

5. Change your password or access code as soon as possible when you next logon at a trusted secure computer.

6. Never download or save your account statements or relevant information on a public PC.

Hoax emails and Phishing sites

Fraudsters have been known to set up copies of Internet Tadawul sites with the purpose of capturing personal online Tadawul logon details. They then send out an email that instructs the recipient to visit the website and logon in order to verify details.

Unfortunately, when people enter their details into these sites the information is recorded and the fraudsters use it to transfer funds out of the real online Tadawul facilities.

These websites and emails will often look legitimate so being able to identify a fake email from a real one can be a little difficult. Here are some things to consider:

1. These emails may be headed 'Dear Al Mal Capital Customer'. We know who you are so we'll always greet you personally, while fraudsters are unlikely to know your name. Members are advised not to click on any links, open attachments or enter any personal information.

2. The message is in no way associated with Al Mal Capital. Al Mal Capital has a policy to never solicit security information via email or ask members to follow Internet links. Al Mal Capital will never send you emails asking for your Internet Tadawul security details.

3. Customers should only access Al Mal Capital's Internet Tadawul site by typing the website address into the address bar on their browser and then pointing to Al Mal Capital Internet Tadawul. Customers can access Al Mal Capital directly by specifying the following URL in the browser

4. Whenever you suspect that an email or a website requires you to provide your important financial or personal information always verify that the URL in the address bar appears as and a pad lock sign appears at the bottom of your browser.

Please disregard any email that advises you to access our site and provide any of your personal details. Instead, report the email to Al Mal Capital by calling our call center number and then delete it immediately.